About Us!

What we have to offer to companies and events:

You would like to book cosplayers but are not quite sure about who to book and how to reach out to them?

This is where we come in:
In our position as a tried-and-true cosplay-management team, we have a lot of experience in the field, as well as an ever-growing network of cosplayers we can make available to you.
Do not hesitate to contact us, we are happy to support you!

Our goals:
We are there for cosplayers if needed, we advise and/or represent them in working with companies and support them. We help companies or other clients to find the right cosplayers for their specific purposes.
Moreover, we are on a self-imposed educational mission, which is intended to help cosplayers. For companies, we are the place to go when they require exceptional, well-known or even a very large number of cosplayers.

Our guiding principles:
Cosplayers perform a unique kind of work as they manage to connect their skillful craftsmanship with an unparallelled passion for their craft.
This needs to be honoured financially.
Companies/products make great profits from working with these specialised experts. This would therefore be the wrong place to try and save money as this would likely put a damper on this passion in the long run.

What makes us unique:
We are many: More than 100 active cosplayers are united under the name of GZM CM – we are able to tackle even large projects quickly and reliably with the cosplayers’ passion mentioned above.

What we can do for cosplayers:
GZM CM is a network of cosplayers. We help you to realize your cosplay projects and are happy to give you access to our infrastructure. We want to support the community. This is also why GZM CM is open to all cosplayers and not a closed system. So if you have any ideas, projects or already specific concepts about something, let me know. I will then think about how GZM CM can support you in your endeavor.

Deutsche Version: https://www.gzm-cm.de/ueber-uns/